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You might be surprised by what can be moved by air.

Private cargo jets offer a reliable and expedient alternative to tedious traditional shipping methods. If you have precious cargo that you need to transport efficiently and with guaranteed safety, commissioning a private air cargo could be your solution. By working with a private cargo jet service like FlyFlorida, you’ll be relieved of the aircraft maintenance budget burdens and the headaches of owning your own aircraft.

At FlyFlorida, we carefully look after your air cargo charter from origin to destination. We even cover the handling and trucking at each end, as needed. On the administrative end, we oversee all the formalities and documentation to ensure your experience with FlyFlorida is as stress-free and straightforward as possible.

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    Private Air Cargo Flights. On-Demand

    global-air-cargo-shippingFlyFlorida now arranges private air cargo charter flights worldwide. We allow our clients to choose the perfect aircraft to fly important freight from Florida to the exact destinations it needs to arrive. Many planes can be effectively reconfigured from passenger seating to cargo handling if required.

    The private charter air cargo flights include flights from Florida to over 20,000 global destinations. If you’ve flown private with FlyFlorida before, you know we have access to private passenger and cargo aircraft of all sizes. From turbo-prop airplanes, light jets, medium jets, and more, we will help you determine the ideal aircraft to move your freight.

    With our service, air cargo charter flights can be a one-way or round trip for almost any volume and weight of the cargo you need to transport. When you choose FlyFlorida, you can rest assured that we will arrange your private air cargo flight with the utmost security and safety. If needed, we can also supplement your cargo charter with additional land arrangements. Get in touch to learn more about pickup and destination delivery services, cargo security protection, packaging, pickup, loading, customs declaration, customs clearances, off-loading at your destination, and more.

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    What Can’t I Ship On a Private Cargo Jet?

    Just because you’re flying your cargo privately, this doesn’t mean that you are exempt from all air traffic regulations for cargo. To ensure your goods arrive undisturbed, double-check that nothing you’re planning to ship falls into any of the categories below. As always, stay up to date on local, federal, and international laws to guarantee your cargo gets where it needs to be and doesn’t wind up in an evidence locker.

    Dangerous Goods

    Planes are vessels made of metal and fuel that need to function perfectly to defy gravity. The same items that threaten the safety of commercial flights are also risks on private cargo planes. For the safety of everyone on the plane and other good reasons, there’s a strict set of guidelines when it comes to shipping potentially dangerous cargo. If it’s a harsh chemical, flammable, explosive, toxin, or has serious potential to cause harm to the charter if mishandled, chances are, it qualifies as a dangerous, unshippable good. For more specifics or special cargo concerns, please feel free to contact us!

    Live Animals

    Animals, whether your pampered pet or livestock, must be shipped safely and treated with a basic level of dignity in the process. It is possible to ship live animals so long as you adhere to a certain standard of treatment. For a successful shipment, you should have health certificates for each animal, enough water and food to get them through the trip, and ensure their flight accommodations are not unsafe or claustrophobic. Please note that while in the cargo hold, animals may be subjected to low temperatures unless the proper (and legally instated) countermeasures are taken.

    Perishables and Food Products

    Shipping food is more than possible with the right precautions. To do so, you will need a declaration of the product and proper storage for the trip. We might experience delays if there happens to be a food-borne virus or illness circulating at the time of flight, but typically, our main worry will be preventing your food products from spoiling.

    Why Choose FlyFlorida?

    When it comes to air cargo plane rental solutions, we set the industry standard. Here are just a few reasons why our discerning clients trust us to ship their cargo:

    We’ve been providing private aircraft and cargo plane services for more than [insert years]. In our tenure, we have covered millions of air miles and arranged countless successful flights every year. When you choose us, you can relax knowing that we have a wealth of expertise. We know the industry inside out and can advise any shipping challenges you face. Over the years, we’ve cultivated a reputation for being Florida’s most dependable private aircraft service. But you don’t have to take our word for it; our 5 star Google rating does the talking for us.

    From our administrative team to our pilots, FlyFlorida professionals are experts in their field. We always take the time to listen carefully to your needs and, with that information in mind, we will source the best cargo air charter for your requirements. We fly to over 20,000 global destinations. To guarantee we do the best job possible, we stay up to date on local, federal, and international shipping laws. We know the right routes to fly and how to pull off a flawless onboarding, flight, and off-loading experience.

    Contact us with your cargo plane rental requirements, and one of our charter experts will get back to you with a quote and logistical information.

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    We fly to over 20,000 destinations worldwide.

    FlyFlorida proudly raises the bar and exceeds the standard for safe, affordable, private air travel for business or pleasure. We pride ourselves on offering a professional and personalized private flight service at the right price.