About FlyFlorida

FlyFlorida proudly raises the bar and exceeds the standard for safe, cost effective, private air travel for business or pleasure. We pride ourselves on offering a professional and personalised service.

Why Choose

FlyFlorida flys you around florida fast and luxuriously at affordble rates. Once you FlyFlorida. You’ll never fly commercial again.

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Stop waisting precious hours standing in security lines and waiting for your boarding group to be called. 

When you choose to travel with Fly Florida, just arrive at the executive terminal, meet the flight crew, and we’ll take care of the rest. Ready to be in charge of your own schedule?

Premium, High Class Jets Fleet

Traveling with Fly Florida is about more than just getting to the destination. We deliver a seamless, cost-effective travel experience that is tailored to our clients’ needs, whether for business or leisure. Take off with the unrivaled safety, flexibility, and service your flight plan deserves.

FlyFlorida Is Freedom

Go where you want, when you want. Traveling with FlyFlorida allows you to choose your most convenient departure and arrival airport. Spend more time at your destination and less time getting there.

Fast and Affordable

Fly Florida specializes in finding cost-effective private air travel. Many private aviation users choose turbo-props as a safe, efficient, and surprisingly economical private aviation solution. Turbo-prop planes are ideal for regional travel, and can cost less than half of a comparable jet.

Fly Florida has access to over 7,000 FAA-Certified aircraft so you can choose the aircraft that best fits your unique travel needs.

Our commitment to safety is reflected in the fact that we exclusively partner with ArgUs Platinum and Gold rated operators.

Whether you travel regionally or globally, Fly Florida will get you there. We fly to over 20,000 destinations world wide.

Fly Florida is committed to providing you with an exceptional charter experience.  Our 24/7 service operates 365 days a year.