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Private Flights for Business and Personal Travel 

Forbes May 10, 2020 reported that the future of commercial air travel may double the recommended arrival time from 2 hours to 4 hours before a flight.

How Does Private Air Charter Work?

We provide direction to your local Fixed Based Operator (FBO) where your private flight will originate.  While they may be located at your airport, they will be in a different location than the main terminals and the traffic.  You will be able to be dropped off at the door or park your car in the safe and secure convenient parking area.

Most FBO facilities are very nice and well appointed, but don’t get to comfortable because you will not be there very long.  Within minutes of your arrival you will be introduced to your pilot or crew, who I assure you are all smiling under their protective masks, as they are all following strict CDC and FAA guidelines for your safety and theirs.

Interior of a private jet

Next, you and your group, will be walked out to the aircraft which has been freshly sanitized, stocked and ready to go.  Your luggage has already been stowed, you board and make yourself at home.  Within minutes you are on your way.

All pilots and flight crews are all Argus backchecked and certified.  This certification is difficult to get and even harder to keep.  This assures you of the best possible in-flight experience.

When you land at your destination you are brought to another FBO, where in many cases your ground transport is already on the tarmac next to where your plane stops.  Or go inside and refresh yourself while you wait for Uber or whatever is next for you.

If you are flying same day round trip, what we call wait and return, then the FBO has faciltities for the pilots and crew to refresh and relax so they are ready to leave as soon as you return to the FBO.

By the way, wait and return is the most cost effective solution for business travelers especially if you fill all of your seats.  Because of the time savings, we can transport you/your team in the morning; and have you all home at the end of the day with plenty of time on location.  Pre and post meeting conference on the plane as many are WIFI equipped or just kick back and watch a movie.

We Make it Cost Effective

  • FlyFlorida leverages the value of Turboprop and Very Light Jets (VLJ).  Many times these aircraft offer the same luxury, saftey, privacy, comfort and flight times for almost half the price of the larger aircraft. We are quickly becoming the largest provider of private Turboprop and VLJ flights originating in the State of Florida. Our network of Argus Platinum and Gold rated Florida based operators operate a collective fleet of over 50 Turboprop and VLJ’s.
  • Focusing only on flights originating from and returning to the State of Florida, combined with our state-of-the-art technology, we can fill the “empty leg” (return flight from a one way trip) with paying passengers more often.  These significant savings are passed onto you.
  • By limiting our flight origination to the Markets Served rather than attempting to provide service nationwide, we build better personal relationships with our FBOs, Operators, Pilots and You insuring you the level of service you demand at the best market prices.

You Need to Experience Private Air Travel Now

No Lines, No Crowds, No TSA, No Covid-19

In todays new world reality, close exposure to other people, has become life threatening.  Private flight is perhaps the safest way to fly in 2020 and for years to come.  All Argus Certified flight operators, their personnel as well as everyone that works at the FBO and here at FlyFlorida, follow the strictest guidelines from the CDC and FAA.  The aircraft are all sanitized with the recommended protocol between every flight.  Its a lot easier to be thorough with a small cabin than the huge germ ridden commercial airline cabins.

Pay as You Fly – No Pre-Paid Cards

This is huge and sets us apart from our competitors many of which require you to tie up $50,000 to $100,000 in their bank account.  Recently, some charter companies failed due to the current pandemic, and a large number of pre-paid cards are now at risk of being worthless.  FlyFlorida will execute an ACH bank transfer at the time you book your flight paying for your flight in full, one flight at a time.

King Air Turboprop

Even the smaller Turboprop aircraft for the single passenger or small groups offers plenty of luxury cabin space. This aircraft will get you where you need to go without breaking the bank.

Cost Effective, Not Inexpensive

Lets face it, flying private is not for everyone as even the small Turboprop can cost around $2,000 per hour of flight time.  For the high net worth individual who values their time and that of their employees, the time savings of 5 hours minimum per leg per person, translates to thousands of dollars saved.

We Fly You To Over 20,000 Destinations World Wide

FlyFlorida proudly raises the bar and exceeds the standard for safe, cost effective, private air travel for business or pleasure. We pride ourselves on offering a professional and personalised service.

Air Travel as it Should Be
  • No lines, no crowds, no TSA
  • Ten minutes from car to the plane
  • Carry on your own food, drink and snacks or have the plane stocked with your favorites.
  • Fly with your pets
  • Never miss the plane.  You set the departure time and they wont leave without you.
  • Wear your shoes until you feel like kicking them off in the comfort of your private cabin.
Aircraft Safety

Private aircraft licensed to carry paying passengers undergo similar rigorous maintenance, inspections and re-certifications as commercial aircraft.  Your professional pilot will perform every safety check as FAA mandated for the aircraft, before every flight.

Weather Watch

No one checks the weather more than the FAA, a professional pilot and your FlyFlorida flight advisor.  It might be a good idea for you to the same once you book your flight, because bad weather can affect your flights departure time.  You will receive frequent updates from your personal flight advisor if weather will be a factor in your flight, so you wont have to leave for the airport until your aircraft is ready to go.

Experienced Crew

All pilots who are licensed to fly paying passengers are highly skilled, highly paid and professionally certified; Private or Commercial.  Pilots at this level are licensed by the individual aircraft and many are qualified for more than one aircraft and may even have a financial interest in the plane you are flying in.

A Variety of Modern Aircraft

Modern Turboprop aircraft make private air travel cost effective from cities as close as Tampa and Orlando. Without traffic the drive is two and a half hours each way.  Rush hour traffic in either city can add another two hours or more.  We will get you there in about an hour.

Need to fly a team of professionals and their assistants, then a larger jet configured as a conference room with multiple work stations, Wi-Fi and presentation screens is the practical solution.

Get the Most Value for Your $$

Fill your seats.  If your plane has 6 seats and you are only using 2 of them, then invite a friend, invite another employee or even sell the seats to others traveling to the same event or destination.

Fly Florida, LLC serves as an air charter broker on behalf of our clients. Fly Florida, LLC will only contract for services with operators that are fully certified by The Federal Aviation Administration and The U.S. Department of Transportation under Part 135 Regulations or their foreign Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) equivalent. Carriers are solely responsible for the air transportation arranged on behalf of FlyFlorida clients. Fly Florida, LLC is not a direct or indirect air carrier.