Flying on a private jet is a totally different experience from flying on a commercial plane. When you’re new to flying on a private jet, one of the first questions you’re going to have is wondering how much luggage you can take. Fortunately, it typically allows you to carry more luggage than any standard commercial plane and avoid the same pitfalls. Here is more information about luggage requirements for private jet flights.

Private Jet Luggage Criteria

It is a common misconception that private jets are small, cramped, and therefore, limited. Fortunately, in reality, they are much more comfortable because they are serving a limited number of passengers depending on their size. Here are the luggage and passenger capacities for each size of private jet:

  • Light Jet: Carries up to 6 pieces of luggage and up to 6 passengers
  • Mid Size Jet: Carries up to 8 pieces of luggage and up to 8 passengers
  • Super-Mid Size Jet: Carries up to 10 pieces of luggage and up to 10 passsengers
  • Large Jet: Carries up to 20 pieces of luggage and up to 12 passengers
  • VIP Airliner Jet: Carries up to 80 pieces of luggage and up to 30 passengers

As you can see, larger jets allow for more luggage. The weight standard for each piece of luggage is 50lbs, and you are allowed one carry-on in addition to your luggage, which will be stored in the cargo hold. Plus, most private jet charter flights do not reach the maximum capacity for passengers, which means you can carry even more luggage. Even if you’re on a small jet, you could carry one or two sets of golf clubs.

The Private Jet Charter Experience

Private jet passengers get to avoid several of the inconveniences commercial flight passengers have, including not having to regular security checks for inspection. That’s just one of the many benefits of flying on a private jet. And if you get a private jet charter, you couldn’t find a more efficient private jet flight experience.

A private jet charter is different from jet card programs, fractional ownership, or full ownership because it’s the most affordable. Instead of investing an amount every year and for a certain amount of flight hours, you pay by the hour. It allows you (and anyone else) the option to rent the entire jet and have unscheduled flights, plus have a much wider selection of available jet models. It is the closest equivalent to a commercial airline flight seat ticket but with far more flexibility, such as non-stop flights. With the convenience, safety, luxury, and privacy that only a private jet charter can provide, you also get possible additional options such as catering, special requests, or special requirements.

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