Tampa, FL – FlyFlorida, LLC, a leading provider of private aircraft charters, is launching a new visual brand identity as the company positions itself for new growth goals and expansion in 2021. This brand evolution represents the company’s commitment to re-envisioning the market’s standards of booking private travel.

FlyFlorida continues to provide clients with a personalized experience, soaring high above the competition when it comes to customer service.

“What this industry comes down to, is the people. We love what we do and want to share our love for travel with individuals that have never experienced anything like this before. We are here to open new doors, new runways even, and change the way individuals view aviation. Getting from point A to point B should not be a chore or viewed as wasted time. We want to make each flight a part of the travel experience that’s as unforgettable as the trip itself.”William Holtz, Private Aviation Advisor.

In 2020, FlyFlorida has concentrated on refining the standards of private aviation while strengthening local partnerships. The rebranding is not only a change in appearance but a commitment to continuing to offer the most polished and streamlined service when booking a private flight from start to finish. With focus on attending to customer’s needs and providing the highest quality of flights, this new identity stands for forward thinking in innovation and growth.

The new FlyFlorida logo is definitive and sleek. Inducing thoughts of a flight over the ocean. The blue stands for loyalty and customer care. The jet icon represents, a commitment to the brand and company origin. The logo will appear in several different color combinations but will always stand for excellence.

About FlyFlorida

FlyFlorida is a company founded by pilots on a mission to reinvent the way people book private charters. With years of experience in the industry, we have recognized the opportunity for providing more cost effective options when it comes to private aviation. At FlyFlorida it is our goal to bring those options to you. With no hidden fees and no surprises, our advisors are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to offer you a seamless travel experience.

FlyFlorida brings together unrivaled expertise and innovative technology to offer you an unforgettable travel experience catered to all of your needs. With FlyFlorida, you come first, and we are dedicated to making sure you know that every step of the way. Wherever you’re headed, give us a call at (727)-610-6335 or book a flight now. We’ll be here, to get you there.