King Air

Seats 11
Bagagge Capacity 70 cubic ft
Speed 348 mph
Range 1739 miles
Interior Width 4.5 ft
Interior Height 4.8 ft

icon King Air Exterior

The aircraft is outfitted with rugged trailing-link landing gear, enabling it to provide safe access to thousands of airfields that most jets are not permitted to use. Additionally, the King Air boasts an unusually large cargo door, which can accommodate anything from supplies for your Bahamas vacation or the display for a trade show.

  • Hartzell aluminum propeller
  • LED lighting
  • Pratt & Whitney turboprop engine

icon King Air Interior

Inside the King Air, hand-sewn stitching and premium European leather exemplify the Swiss commitment to elegant craftsmanship. BMW Group Designworks created the flat, non-drop floor, fully enclosed flushing lavatory and a baggage area that is accessible during flight. With the ability to integrate this airplane into both your business and personal life, some people have come to call it the ultimate aerial SUV.

  • Hand-stitched European leather
  • Rare hardwood cabinetry
  • World-class textile integration
  • Accessible baggage compartment
  • Enclosed flushing lavatory
  • AirText available on select aircraft

icon King Air Avionics

Emblematic of the King Air’s high-level sophistication is the cockpit environment, featuring a flight deck equipped with the latest avionics. It consists of  LCD displays: two multi-function displays stacked vertically in the center, and a primary flight display in front of each pilot. The avionics system is similar to that found on “Big Iron” business jets, but have been specially engineered to reduce pilot workload and improve safety for single-pilot operations.

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